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'WHERE'S BOB?' [Test] Print

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On sale

'WHERE'S BOB?' 12" x 18" print by Lance Schibi

** ON SALE TEST PRINTS: I found a handful of some test prints of my [once sold out] WHERE'S BOB? print. The reds aren't as red as the original run but still looks good enough to offer up at a lower price.**

My Where's Waldo?-inspired Twin Peaks piece! There are a ton of Special Agents in the Black Lodge, as well as other recognizable inhabitants of Twin Peaks but you're looking for one killer...BOB! He's in there...believe me.

12" x 18" print on 100lb cover white card stock.
** "WHERE'S BOB?" caption is included in the test run. The printed "Lance Schibi is NOT included on these test prints (this is where I'll sign it). **
Hand signed by artist.

Print will be shipped in a sturdy shipping tube.